Driving Safety Tips For Your Neighborhood - Abogados de Accidentes Costa Mesa

Driving Safety Tips For Your Neighborhood – Abogados de Accidentes Costa Mesa

Be safe whether you commute by car or bike. These tips will allow you to control your vehicle and avoid distractions.

Avoid distractions while driving

It doesn’t matter whether you are driving to the grocery store, to get your kids to school, to visit friends, or just to have fun with your family, distractions can be distracting. They can increase the chance of an accident. These Abogados de Accidentes Costa Mesa tips can help keep your vehicle free from distractions.

There are four main types: physical, visual and manual distractions. Using a GPS device or looking at a cell phone are examples of the first two. The most severe example of the third is texting while driving. It takes the driver’s eyes off the road for five seconds, or enough time to cover the length of a football field at 55 mph.

If you cannot avoid using your smartphone while driving, you can set it in “do not disturb”. Another option is to install a product like MessageLOUD, which blocks texts from your smartphone. It is available for both Android as well as iOS.

Other distractions include talking to passengers and eating, changing radio stations, and fiddling with the entertainment system. According to the National Safety Council, cell phones are responsible for 26% of all car accidents. It is a great way to avoid distracted driving by taking the time to pull over and safely park before making a call.

Another way to avoid distractions while driving is to plan your route ahead of time. This can help you eliminate the risk of accidents.

It’s also important to check out your vehicle for any loose items. Make sure pets are secured in the back seat. You should also adjust your heater before leaving.

Pay attention to pedestrians

Pedestrians can be smaller than cars, and they have the right-of-way at crosswalks. Drivers should look for them, especially at night. They must be careful in residential areas as well as school zones.

Pedestrians are often hurt and are among the top ten causes of injury-related hospitalizations in New York State. Each year, one in four pedestrians is hurt. They should not only walk on the sidewalk but also avoid walking on the roads. They should wear bright clothing, reflective material, and lights.

They should also avoid distractions like texting while crossing, or using their cellphones while driving. Distracted driving increases the likelihood of a collision. If you have to speak to someone while driving, pull over in a parking lot. Then, wait until you reach your destination.

Pedestrians should always look left, right, and over their shoulder before crossing. They should also make eye-contact with approaching motorists. They should pay attention to traffic signals and wait for it to change. If they do not see the signal, they should walk on the road or use the pedestrian push button.

Pedestrians should also watch for vehicles backing up in driveways. Drivers should not pass a stopped vehicle crossing in a crosswalk. If a pedestrian crosses in an unmarked crossingwalk, they have the right to proceed.

Driving Safety Tips For Your Neighborhood - Abogados de Accidentes Costa Mesa
Driving Safety Tips For Your Neighborhood – Abogados de Accidentes Costa Mesa

Before turning left, drivers should pay attention to pedestrians. This includes the back and side of the vehicle. They should be aware of older pedestrians who may be unable to see the driver. They should also be aware of children playing on the street.

Avoid speeding cars Abogados de Accidentes Costa Mesa

Using simple strategies to avoid speeding cars while driving in your neighborhood is a great way to improve safety in your community. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small or large neighborhood. You need to ensure that you obey the speed limit and use your turn signals.

You can complain to the local police if you are concerned about speeding cars in your area. You can also help curb the problem by getting involved with existing initiatives.

Partnering with other communities is one way to reduce speeding cars. Depending on where you live, you may be eligible to partner with a homeowner association or another organization to reduce speed. In addition, you can find out more about your neighborhood’s safety issues through online forums.

Tucson, Arizona residents teamed up with a local Boy Scouts and a municipal utility company to create a campaign to lower the speed limit for their neighborhood. The result was a decrease in residential speed limits to 24 miles per an hour.

You may be able organize a meeting with your neighbors to ask for support for speed limit change. You can also ask your neighbors to sign a pledge against speeding during these meetings.

Online reporting a speeding vehicle is possible. According to the National Safety Council, the 2020 vehicle fatality rate will be the highest for thirteen years. This is alarming, especially considering that the overall mileage is declining.

Bicyclists and school bus passengers should be watched carefully

Bicyclists and pedestrians are often overlooked in the race to get from A – B. The DC area can see more than two thirds of all traffic deaths due to pedestrians and bicyclists. What’s the best way to ensure your safety and that of your passengers on the road? There are some things you can do that will increase your chances of survival in an emergency.

Slow down is the first thing that you should do. In many cases, a good rule of thumb is to stop at the curb and wait for your turn. This is especially important when you make a right-hand turn. You want to give the bicyclist room to maneuver. You will need to wear the proper gear and buckle up. Those aforementioned safety measures will prevent you from being involved in a fender bender. A quick study showed that almost one-third of all accidents occurring in the District of Columbia were caused by driver error.

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